Nutrition To Grow On

Designed for children in grades 4-6, this series of nine lessons teaches children about healthy eating through interactive nutrition lessons and hands-on gardening activities.

School gardens help students discover fresh food and learn to make healthier food choices. Gardens can consist of containers in the classroom or an outside plot. Nutrition to Grow On uses these instructional gardens to cultivate the students’ talents and skills, while enriching their capacities for observation and thinking.

Lessons include: Nutrition and Gardening, Nutrients We Need, Choose MyPlate, Food Math, Food Labels, Get Physically Active, Goal Setting, Consumerism, and Making Healthful Snacks.

Lessons are led by a nutrition educator and integrate many disciplines including science, math, language arts, history, environmental studies, and health.

For more information or to host a Nutrition to Grow On program, please contact:
Myranda Knight at 487-3890 x2744 or