Project Sticker Shock

 Project Sticker Shock from the office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services focuses on the prevention of youth access and use of alcohol. Throughout the state youth go to local stores where alcohol is sold and put bright orange stickers onto various cases of multi-packs of beer, alco-pops, and other alcohol products that appeal to underage drinkers. The stickers are there to remind the buyer that furnishing alcohol to minors comes with some hefty consequences.

This past September, our local youth (with help of the Pittsfield Police Department) took on the challenge of putting stickers on as many products as possible at different locations in the community.  Although the stickers only last a few weeks, the conversations that they produce will last much longer.
Members of the St. Albans Youth Advocacy Group at Moose Lake Market in Hartland

Members of the MCI Field Hockey team at Bud's Shop 'n Save in Pittsfield