Enforcement of tobacco sales is a vital component in combating underage tobacco use. The No BUTS! (Blocking Underage Tobacco Sales) program was created jointly by the Maine State Attorney General’s Office and Partnership for a Tobacco Free
Maine (PTM) in an effort to remind employers, managers, and employees that, along with stiff fines and penalties for selling tobacco to underage consumers, there is a compelling public health incentive for blocking tobacco sales to minors. No BUTS! enhances Maine’s efforts to enforce tobacco sales laws in two ways:
  1. By giving retailers the tools they need to avoid selling tobacco to minors, and;
  2. By rewarding the overwhelming majority of Maine retailers who are already doing a good job!
No BUTS! is designed to assist in adopting policies and practices that will effectively prevent underage tobacco sales. Also, a No BUTS! employer can obtain compliance credits toward future violations. In order to be a No BUTS! employer, the store must: 
  1. Have a written tobacco policy;
  2. Implement training components for all employees, and;
  3. Display No BUTS! materials in the store.
Additional recommendations for good practice include implementing hiring policies, self-monitoring, using support tools, and limiting advertising. Stores that enroll in the No BUTS! program will receive a kit that includes valuable materials and resources that will promote No BUTS! in the community and support the store’s efforts toward the prevention of underage tobacco sales.

HealthySV works to enroll tobacco retailers in the No BUTS! program, provides them with helpful materials, and conducts follow-up visits with those retailers that are already enrolled in the program.

For more information contact HealthySV or visit the Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine